Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Going to Seed

Once the rain stopped, it seems like summer chores have been compressed into a frenzy. Suddenly the canyons are hot, the grass has seeded out, the garden has gone crazy - broccoli grew a foot in one week, and I'm anxious to get some irrigation on the horse pasture here in the valley.

My 85 year old mother is here for some love, laughs and lots of good meals. She is happy to wander the yard, admiring the mountains, the sunsets and the amazing thunderstorms - with rainbows.

The cows are happy on the Zumwalt and the steers are wallowing in lush green grass on the toe- slopes of the Wallowa Mountains. Thank goodness all our fencing efforts are paying off, because Mike is working on a pastoral systems project in Armenia and taking multiple trips over there this summer, so I'm riding herd on the cattle and so far, cross your fingers, they are staying put.

Mike's project is challenging as he tries to promote information sharing and the adoption of an ecological approach to rangeland management in the Armenian grazing systems. He is making friends and learning a lot so that is a good start.

In spite of all the chores, I'm reminded to take some time for the hammock, especially when both 85 year old Grandma and 2 year old Dawson are here. What is life without that velvet breeze, lingering in the shade on a hot NE Oregon summer day?

From Sara at Magpie Ranch home of Bunchgrass Beef