Sunday, September 13, 2015

Oh You Customers

In the fall when harvest comes around, there are vegetables overflowing the garden, fruit falling from the trees, steers to be butchered, cows to be herded, fields to be irrigated, and all the other tasks with drought pressing down on us. I’m feeling harried and short.
Winter squash, beans, tomatoes covered for frost

Then come the moments of customers who cheerfully accept a minor offense in a cutting order, or the fact that a steer was bigger or smaller than you expected, or that your deposit was lost in the mail. 

You are a spark of goodness inside me. Your words are like tiny bursting fireworks that shower fairies around me, invisible but for their tickling wings. 

Peaches, pears, tomatoes - need attention

Oh you customers, I love your kindness, your encouragement, your enthusiasm, your respect for the animals, your willingness to partner with us in the connection of rancher and eater and rangeland.

Zeke and Tommy fencing the grass we need to move to

Thank you. Thank you for your kind words, for your ‘can’t wait' appreciation of the meat we raise, for the extra effort you make to support our family ranch, for your smiles on delivery day, for hugs. 

Star and Dawson having a snack before herding cows

Hope to see you soon. 

Sara and Weston at the stock pond

From Sara at Magpie Ranch, Home of Bunchgrass Beef