Sunday, November 3, 2013

Spiffing Things Up at the Winter Range

We've been painting the bedroom floors at the river. Two blue floors and one 'peanut shell' tan.  One more bedroom to go and we'll be done. The ceiling in the living room is next, but I won't let Mike paint it until we replace the old wood stove that smokes every time you open the door, which thankfully, isn't too often.

The blue is called Lake Havasu. I picked it out because it makes me think of Aunt Darlene who passed away this summer. She loved the southwest.
Before - old vinyl tile is gone 

After - Lake Havasu Blue
I started the floor painting when we hauled our first cattle from the Southwick place to the river. It was a beautiful day. I was a little sad to leave the Southwick place with its incredible views in every direction. But I was ever so glad to be headed down river.

View of Finley Buttes from Southwick's

  Gabe and Cammie and the boys pulled one load and Mike and I pulled the other.  We unloaded the cows at the Hall place and enjoyed the sun for a while before Gabe and Cammie had to go home.
Cammie and Wes above the Hall place.

Walkie-talkie wackiness

 Dawson was making hillarious noises on the radio to his dad.  "Hey!" I said, "Somebody else might be on there!"

Two-way radio practice

After Gabe and Cammie left, Mike and I dropped our trailer at the Hall place and drove on down to the house so we could paint. I was so happy to have my first night of sleep at the winter range. I miss it. 

Heading down river

From Sara at Magpie Ranch, home of Bunchgrass Beef