Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ropin and Ridin

Charlie Tackman with  Lucas and Trish
The past week had so many things jammed into it, it felt like a month in seven days. Mike's scientist buddy and ex-boss Charlie and family drove up from SE Oregon for a visit. The two scientists wanted to talk prairie and canyon ecology, Lucas and Trish, high school seniors, wanted to ride and fish. So they headed to the summer range to see how the new bull was getting along.  And then to the river to overnight at Horse Creek to see if they could catch some salmon.

Mike and Charlie

Dawson's birthday party rolled around on Sunday and we had big doin's at the park with the youngest generation. What a joy to be part of a family that includes children I've known since they were born, who now have their own children, all of us gathered for wild rumpus and birthday yumminess.
Cammie made a dump truck cake
Dawson got a roping lesson with his new roping dummy. Then Buck roped the kids as they screamed and ran. As soon as he caught somebody, the other kids would swoop in, relishing the chance to "brand" and "give a shot" to the "calf."
Buck gives Dawson a roping lesson
 Last year when we were celebrating Dawson's birthday at the park, we saw a huge column of smoke on the horizon and a stream of fire engines roaring west. It was the Wallowa Mountains visitor center burning to the ground, a beautiful log building with interesting displays and most of the USFS offices, including Gabe's. He lost three year's of photographs and files from his project to document the many historic cabins and other structures scattered across Forest Service lands. He wanted these structures to be mapped and described so that if there were a wildfire, the firefighters would have up-to-date information. This year we were all glad to just enjoy a simple, fun birthday with Dawson.
Cammie, Gabe, Dawson, Lucy, Buck, Chelsea, James, Callie, Luke, Kate, Lillie and Addie

From Sara at Magpie Ranch, home of Bunchgrass Beef